Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Division in Miniature.

The 3rd Division of 1st Corps in 28mm. The only thing left to do is paint two squadrons of cavalry. A few switch hitters, there are two Light Battalions instead of two Line Battalions (to be changedwhen I get them) and two Dragoon units rather than Chassuer a' Cheval units. Again, once I get them they will be changed out.

On a six foot table they take up the entire width, and then some. Now I did up the number of stand of artillery from one stand per battery to one stand per two guns, but for the game I will go by the rules and have only one stand.

I feel pretty good about 'almost being done' with my Napoleonic project. When you realize I started painting 25mm Napoleonics almost 20 years ago and on and off over that time have worked on them you may think that I've been wasting time.

Since I started in 1993 as a 2LTin the Army stationed at Fort Rielly I have been gone almost seven years(by my wife's count) and have never given up the plan of building and playing Napoleonics.

I also have almost as many British troops, although not as many painted. If I had only worked on French I'd have almost have 17 battalionsof foot and six squadrons of cavalry.

More painting to do, more soldiers to buy, more games to play.


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