Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Updates and news

Well, the entire month of May was a wash since I was down in Fort Benning. So far June has been one too. Too much other stuff running into my gaming and painting time. However, I found out this weekend that a guy I've known for some time now does miniatures and wanted to start doing 28mm Napoleonics...

We've desided to give Black Powder a try. I am working to build a French Division centered on the 1815 campaign, rather than my 1812 Spanish one- Mostly same people, mostly same uniforms. A division in BP is about 12 battalions of infantry- just what I was building for Spain...

I currently have eleven battalions of French infantry, six are completely painted and based. Five are Perry's, two are Peter Gilder's old line, two are Elites, and two are Old Glory. I'll get a picture of them up soon.

The division will consist of three brigades of four battalions. Each Brigade will have a single Commander mounted, and the Divison will have a two figure mounted command.

The Cavalry Brigade will have four squadrons of Hussars and Dragoons. I will be building a heavy Brigade as well, using Perry's miniatures.

All this will have to wait until July, I am afraid. On Friday Kathleen and I are going on a Cruise to Alaska. I'll post some pictures of that, too.

Som until then- bon chance!


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