Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Aberdeen Militia

Details of Scots Pikemen and Musketeers from the computer wargame 'For King and Country"

Lancers shown with a mix of uniforms including coat, buff leather coat, buff coat under Armor, and Armor over wool hodden grey coat. Wool plaid wrapped around two of the figures.

Musketeers shown wear invariations of dress and in variations of hodden grey clothing.

The second unit I am working on is the Aberdeen Militia. This is a 40 figure regiment with 16 pike and 24 muskets. There is reference to the Colonel's Color being a white flag with the arms of Aberdeen thereon. This is what I am doing. The arms are red shield with three castles in white, with Lions rampent sorounding. "Bon Accord", is the motto of the city and is French literally for "Good Agreement". Legend tells that its use dates from the 14th century password used by Robert the Bruce during the Wars of Scottish Independence, when he and his men laid siege to Aberdeen Castle before destroying it in 1308 and massacring the English Garrison, retaking Aberdeen for the townspeople. The secret phrase to initiate the campaign was "Bon Accord

In the reading I am doing to build this army I am finding that the uniforms of the Scots Convenanters was anything but uniform. Although hotten grey is most commonly referenced as the uniform, this is more realistically a mix of color batches with dye variations and raw wool. This is described by several authors as similar to Confederate butternut.
To portray this I am painting the figures in variable colors of grey, grey-green, drab, greenish drab. This is giving the unit a nice look so far, and more of an adhoc formation of troops rather than a completely uniform and fresh unit. I shall post a pic tonight of the porgress so far.


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