Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Napoleonics, in two scales

First up is 10mm Chasseurs a Cheval. These are based for Napoleon's Battles and represent the 3rd Regiment with scarlet collars and cuff. Beside them is the 5th Regiment with orange collar and cuff. Fugures from Old Glory.

The start of the 1st Division, 10mm Old Glory figures. Each stand is about a battalion's worth of troops. Light Infantry in front, Line Infantry to the rear. French troops circa 1809. The Division Commander is up front on a 1 inch by 1 inch base.

Now on to 25mm British troops. These are three seperate battalions based for In The Grand Manner. In the back is a Elite Minitatures Line battalion. The second is the 92nd Regiment, The Gordons. The center companies are Peter Guilders old figures, the light company (and the missing Grenadiers) are Vitrix. The front Battalion is the color party for the 79th Regiment, The Cameron Highlanders, figures by Vitrix.

A bad close up of the Vitrix Light company of the Gordons.

Cose up of the Comeron color group. Missing from this base is the piper and the commanding officer.
That's it for today. I'mm currently working on three different armies (er...four actually), British (anf French) in 25mm for ITGM, 10mm French for Napoleon's Battles, Klingons for Federation Commander, and Epic scale Space Marines.
Painting calms me.


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