Saturday, November 28, 2009

Painting Klingons

For Thanksgiving we had several people over for dinner, and then on Black Friday all the women went out at 0400 shopping. I spent the day working on five Klingon ships from Amerillo Design.

The top photo is a C8, a dreadnaught class ship. The hull is painted gull grey, with a codex grey details. Red, brass, and blue have been used for detail work. The second picture is a D7, the standard Klingon ship from the Original Series. I am not happy with the symbol painted on the wing, and so I'll go over it again.

The set that I got had two D7s, one C6 (slightly bigger than the D7s, a C8, and a E4 (escort ship). All are painted the same way.

The five ships come with the stands seen and a small black and white sheet with very little info. I went to the web-site for the manufacturer and read through their painting suggestions and wasn't happy. Then a quick google search found me this:

I do prefer the painting style found on the TV show and so followed it as best I could.

I'll be taking more photos when I have them complete.


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