Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Terrorist Attck on US Recruiting Station Leaves one Soldier KIA.

The recent Islamic Terrorist Attack on a Recruiting Station by an American Citizen turned to Islam should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that this is anything but a Overseas Contingency Operation.
The loss of one of our soldiers and the wounding of another is nothing more than an Assault upon this country by an enemy who is driven to destroy us. Will this administration, now that a Terrorist Attack has happened on their watch, do anything other than blame disgruntled veterans and patriotic citizens?
The utter silence coming out of the West Wing is further proof that this president is more concerned with using strong armed Chicago gangland tactics to shut down debate against it’s leftist policies rather than the murder of one of this country’s armed forces.
At the very least, the president should condemn radical Islam and strive to shut down the centers of hate that recruited the attacker, led him to Yemen to lean to despise his own country, and took him down the path to murder in the name of his god.
The two soldiers should be recognised by the president and awarded both the Purple Heart for wounds received by an enemy, and the Bronze Star for the soldier who was killed in action.
I doubt we will see any such action from this administration, for it would force them to acknowledge that we are fighting a global war and not some limited police action.
The fact that the Commander in Chief has not made a statement, nor the Joint Chiefs, nor any Military command is glaring.
The media coverage is also telling-
More coverage is given to Dr. Tiller's murder than the assassination of a US Soldier on US Soil. While the MSM calls for investigations of anti-abortion groups and the crack down on 'right-wing' extremists- to include returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, very little is being said about the connection to Yemen and Somalia Islamic extremists. In fact, the media is downplaying the connection to radical Islamic jihad. Perhaps the president is more concerned with bad press on his handling of the overseas contingency operations than with a US Soldier in what I would call the first combat death against a hostile entity on American soil since the Civil War.
The two soldiers should be recognized by the president and awarded the Purple Heart. The soldier who is KIA should be awarded the Bronze Star as well. The President of the United States should attend the funeral and hand the folded flag to this soldiers family, and say what many of us have had to say in this war:

"On behalf of a grateful nation, I would like to present you with this small token of our appreciation for the outstanding service to this country of your son. He has not died in vain."

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