Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Year, new way of doing things

Been a wild year, folks. The elections, the hype, the new President, etc. etc. etc.

Let's see, what is new?

OK, I am doing well health-wise. Still have 53% lung capacity but that's ok. No major flare ups or symptoms.

We moved over the Christmas Holidays to Colorado Springs, CO. Beautiful place. I can't talk about my job, but it is nice to be able to work inside during the cold weather. The wife is starting to look for a job, but not to seriously. All three of the boys are in school and liking it.

Boy#1 joined JROTC at his High School. Today was the first day he went in uniform. Proud day.

We now have two dogs, one of which is my Lab, the other is Mom's Schnabador. (don't even ask)

I normally don't talk politics. That being said, and with the new President being sworn in just this week, I think it is prudent to say a few things;

First off, what a wonderful country we live in. Our new President was elected by a slim majority of votes, his politics far from mine, and yet, it was a historical day in November. There are those who dislike President Obama simply because of his race. Yet, race played a small part of the election process. We were reminded of this almost daily, that race plays no part. The MSM kept telling us that Mr. Obama's background was not a factor in choosing him as a President.

I happen to agree. I disagree with the man's politics, not his skin tone. I've been in the Army for 23 years. Guess what, folks. We dumb knuckle-dragging types have all sorts of people of all skin-tones in every position including leadership. Now, one could argue that African Americans make up a small % of the military, and that is true. It is very close to the national %s of race in this country. AND yet, besides all the huff of Black vs White vs Yellow vs Red, we have our first African-American President. I am proud of this country for that fact.

Now, for the last eight years our President was hounded every day by the left. Some of the language used by the ultra-left is beyond vile. Why, just read some of the comments at Democratic Underground if you want to see what the left thought of G. W. Bush. Some people on the left now say it's time to heal this country and bring it back together.

I say, **** them. For eight years I've listened to the left bash the President I voted for. I've sat here and listened to the left call my fellow soldiers murderers and rapists. I've been told we've waged an illegal and immoral war.

**** them. The peace at any price crowd is now in charge. The current President has already enacted policies that I disagree with and I feel make this country less safe and I will not be quiet about those feelings. Fortunately, I work for the United States and not one man.

So, let's hope and pray our country remains safe. I hope all the best for President Obama and his family and congratulate him on his election. I do so honestly and with great pride in our country's ability to transfer power without bloodshed. I also hope that he will listen to his advisers in the military and not run up the white flag of surrender in Iraq and Afghanistan, and against the Islamic extremist across the world.

I would worry about the oath, Mr. President. **** happens, as we say in the Army.

And, to the leftist, socialists and DUmpmonkies; payback is a b*tch.

peace, out.


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