Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Major Pain!

Well, well, well...either the casualty rates are getting too high or Hell froze over because I am now a field grade officer. Of the 16,000 or so I was no. 2 on the list. Yup, some other poor smuck had been a Captian longer than I had been! Ten years and three days after my last promotion I was promoted to Major, US Army.

The wife and kids were there and it was a nice sunny day. I pointed out the two reasons I had made it this far, my family; Mom and Dad for teaching me right and wrong, and to never quiet; The wife for teaching me control. The second reason was all the NCOs I have had the honor of serving with...As a private they taught me, as a Sergeant they helped me and stood beside me, and as an officer they once again taught me about how to be an officer.

It's been a good long time since my last update, mostly because I have been busy being home and having work to do, but also because of the crackdown on military doing blogs. If I am not going to be able to talk about the military then I've found I haven't got a lot to talk about! Go figure.

Doing pretty good health wise. My last check-up was about a month ago- Still doing the purple in-hailer...but off the 'roids, for now. Still have pain in my right side and ear. I've started doing Tae Kwon Do again, three days a week. Well...two days...

Looks like my next gig will be coming up in the spring. Still no word as to where, but almost for sure back across to the box. I am in truth looking forward to it. There is no way to explain what it is like or how it feels, but it can't be replicated on this side of the wall...

The family worries, of course. They don't understand it. How can anyone who has not been there understand it?

Good news from Hef. Omar, our translator, has made it safe to the US and is living just a few hours south of me! Not so good news, the Duck caught one on his last trip over. He's alive but out of the fight from now on.

Big Mike came home safe from his second tour. He, his wife, me and mine went to the season opener at Green Bay! 12th row, on the 30 yard line. It was just too cool.

I'll close with that image in my mind.



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