Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Six Months Home; or The Deerhunter Returns.

I’ve been home six months now and have had it up to here [insert graphic that humorously shows just how high] with the idiots.

I have moved to Indianapolis, Indiana and continue to train troops going into combat. We have bought a house and I am in the throws of planning landscapes and paint colors coordination with the same enthusiasm of planning a counter-sniper ambush. [Blue is the new green? What the f*ck is that supposed to mean?]

ANY-way, I am back now and at the six month mark We killed a noted terrorist in Iraq, President Bush travels to Baghdad and meets with the new government, Pat Kennedy pleads out on a DUI charge, and my dog has learned that is he goes outside I will probably give him a treat when he comes back in…(long story)

BUT- what has pissed me off is the moronic frothing that our friends on the ultra-left fringe are so oft to do.

Let’s take for example this gem:

PinkyisBlue (193 posts) Tue Jun-13-06 09:21 AMResponse to Original
message 16. What a patriot! Maybe he's there to fulfill his patriotic duty to
the country; after all, he never completed his military service in the National
Guard years ago. Dan Rather was right!!I hope Bush is on the losing end of an

Or maybe this one:

ECH1969 (1000+ posts) Click to send private message to this author
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Click to add this author to your Ignore list Tue Jun-13-06 02:28 PMOriginal
messageAl Qaeda Website Posts Bush AlertA jihadist website has posted an urgent
alert that President Bush is in Iraq."The cursed Bush is in Iraq," the website
says in Arabic. "By God's will, he will fall into the trap of the mujaheddin,"
the site says.http://blogs.abcnews.com/theblotter/2006/06/jihad_websi...

Ah a news story…not bad…oh, wait…one of the replies…

catnhatnh Donating Member (1000+ posts) Click to send private message
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your buddy list Click to add this author to your Ignore list Tue Jun-13-06 02:33
PMResponse to Original message5. From the Jihadist's lips........to Allah's

But hey, it’s all covered in the first amendment, right?

Oh well, that’s ok I suppose. After all, regardless of their political view they support the troops, that is to say…me…right?

ComerPerro (1000+ posts) Tue Jun-13-06 01:32 PMResponse to Original
message 8. Hey, they're stupid enough to applaud him. I don't care anymore
peaches2003 (590 posts) Tue Jun-13-06 01:38 PMResponse to Reply #8 9.
Agree I have come to the same conclusion. If they are so happy and grateful to
the SOB to allow themselves to be used as cannonfodder and then applaud him to
getting them killed, screw 'em. I'm sick of this and my taxes being used for
Bush and his oil cronies to put millions in their pockets with the help of our

Leftist logic must go something like this:

We support the troops......who are all poor minorities who have no other future......due to this administration's failed economic policy......who's votes should be counted......except in swing states......or any other states with absentee ballots...we can't rig......except those MARINES and SOLDIERS who are going to fight the brave Islamic 'minute-men'......who (the US military) are murdering cogs programmed by BUSHROVECO......not to mention raving racists......who kill babies and women......who are guilty regardless of evidence......unless they are democrats who now protest the war......and now we support them.

Register to vote. Vote your conscious.

Dutch- out.


At 10:18 PM, Blogger Radiant Byrne said...

There you go again - paying attention and thinking. It's going to raise your blood pressure.

The "it" colors right now are pale turquoise and chocolate, and all those horrid hues from our youth in the 1970s. Retro is da bomb!


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