Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve in Iraq.

I've got another meeting in about 15 minutes so I'll send this off quickly. It's Christmas Eve and for most of us Advisors it is just another day on the front lines. We are even more strung out than we were on Thanksgiving given the fact that our American Partner Unit is leaving to go home and has pulled out of all operations. The new unit is not quiet ready to start and so we are doing it alone.
In our sector we have the Iraqi Brigade we advise and 43 American advisors and 39 augmented troops. That's it. Of those 90 we have a minimum of 48 active 24/7. We have no down time and we have no reserve. We have no spare vehicles when they break and we have no spare crews if they break.
Of course when the new unit is ready we'll be plussed up...but then again, the unit who was supposed to plus us up hasn't given us dick since they've been here. BUT- in the words of their own Commander, "I'm not gonna get my guys killed when someone else can do the job."
So, yeah, I'm feeling a bit tired and down on this holiday. I am far away from my family doing a job nobody else wants and that noboby else cares even happens. If Iraqi soldiers die, who cares. At least it isn't Americans.

only a few more weeks.

dutch- going back to work

(oh...the pic?...that's me in a 'hawk doing the recon thang...)


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