Thursday, December 22, 2005

Q & A with Dutch

Today I am going to sort through the billions of letters I've recieved since starting this blog and answer some of your questions.

Q. Dutch, You make the Army sound really f*cked up. It is really this bad?

A. No. Due to security restrictions I can't go into detail on many things. It's much worse.

Q. Are Air Force girls really slutty or did you make that up?

A. I have no idea. Check out and you can make up your own mind.

Q. I find it offensive that you make fun of logistics and support soldiers.

A. OK, not really a question here, but I'll answer anyway. So?

Q. If the Army is so screwed up why don't you leave?

A. Ah, good question. Two reasons, I am in a critical MOS and they won't let me out, and B: I enjoy my job no matter how stupid it gets and what retard they put in charge of me.

Q. What is your political stance.

A. I am a drunkard. (thanks Rick!)

Q. Do you think the US should take part in this illegal war in Iraq.

A. Sh*t yeah! Better than OC-ing the National Guard in FT Polk all summer!

Q. Have you found any WMDs?

A. I have found chemicals here. I found bombs here, I have found guns, ammunition, explosives, hell...we've found everything but a good source for beer. There are more things that will make you go "Hmmm....." than a invite to a Michael Jackson Slumber Party. Have I found a big pile of crap that has a sign on it spelled WMDs? Nope. Still got about a zillion square miles to look through. Hell...we're still finding old weapon piles in BAGHDAD!

Q. What is your take on the War On Terror.

A. Let me misquote Ol' Winny Churchill. "Let's fight them on the beaches, let's fight them in the cities, Let's fight them in any country...for we will never surrender."

Q. How can I be a superhero like you and fight Terrorists!

A. Kid, it takes decades to get this jaded. Good're gonna need it.

Q. What do you miss most about the USA?

A. My wife and kids.

Q. What do you like about Iraq?

A. It's free now.

Q. Do you think you'll have to go fight again once you get home?

A. Yeah. Probably. This war isn't over yet. Iraq is but one operation in the war. I hope I don't. But I'd rather have to go fight in another country than to watch 3000 more of our people die in an attack.

Q. Do you want me?

A. Opps...wrong list....

OK, that's about enough of that. Keep sending those cards and letters folks, we're running low on toliet paper.

dutch- out


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