Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Well...that explains it...

People are insane. Not in a funny "ha ha Uncle Marvin is wearing a tu-tu again..." way...but completely loonie.

At Above Tp Secret, a web-site that claims tells only the truth about everything...they have interviewed this person who not only is sure that 9/11 was staged by the Illuminati, but that G.W.B is...well....let me put it in his own words:

Q: Above Top Secret: Burke's Peerage clearly acknowledges that George W. Bush & John Kerry are distant cousins, both of whom are related to the British royal family. Have you received shape-shifting reports of either of these "oppo-same" presidential candidates? Is the US population screwed either way?

A: David Icke: The Bush family is one of these 'Illuminati' 'royal' bloodlines that go back to ancient times and these are shapeshifters that can take either human or reptilian form. It's all holographic trickery because everything, including the body, is a hologram and not 'solid' as it appears to be. I have had many reports of people seeing father Bush shapeshift. As for Kerry, he is said by Burkes Peerage to be more 'royal' in his bloodline than any American president, so he's of the shapeshifter bloodline, too. Only the bloodline gets into the Skull and Bones Society. Kerry and Bush are both related to the British royal family and Vlad the Impaler (Count Dracula). Readers of my books will understand the significance of this.

if only for the humor you should go and read the site.

maybe we can get the DNC to have Mr. Icke speak at their convention?

dutch- out


At 12:54 PM, Blogger Radiant Byrne said...


Remember that TV series called "V" - about a huge mothership full of refugee aliens? They turned out to be rat eating lizard people who shapeshifted to look like humans. And as we know some people get H'wood and reality confused. Of course, H'wood tends to become reality after a decade or so, which is what is really scary.

Personally I would not give Bush or Kerry enough credit to be that "special". Or maybe I am wrong and the Illuminati are secretly controlling me with microwaves so I will unwittingly spread their propaganda. Or not.


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