Friday, September 16, 2005

Dealing with idiots

Well, figured it would happen. We finally got our new team chief to have a meeting and I’ve been fired as the Team XO and kicked off the team.
I guess this shit-head needs to exert his power and can not have me there if he’s doing it. I only have been with the team since the beginning, have taken the Iraqis from Basic Training to full mission capable, but I am not good enough to remain a member.
Just as well, this poor excuse for a field-grade has to flex his muscles to show he’s tough and I’m pushed out of the way.
Nothing to do about it, this is how the new army is. I am just a captain and don’t know shit. He is a newly promoted Major with no combat experience telling me I don’t know what I am doing.
I’ve written to the Colonel requesting a re-assignment with in the Brigade. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what is going to happen now.

Dutch- out

//my letter to the colonel//

I know that transitions of command are difficult and so I have tried to work with the incoming team chief. However, at this point I am formally requesting to be reassigned out of 2nd MECH BN AST team. Since MAJ C has come on board he has insulted the BN CDR and the BN Operations Officer. LTC A will no loger talk to him.
He has not been around to make critical decisions in a timely manner nor has he informed the team of his goals or plans. He has chosen to do all liaisons between the Iraqi Battaion and the American Battalions himself. I have been told not to.
He verbally ‘counseled’ me in front of 1LT W and 1LT Ch for making decisions and has ordered me not to make any more. He conduct during that 'session' was completely unprofessionable and destroyed any authority I had with my subordinates.
MAJ C has not been present in the AO nor has he been able to be in contact with the rest of the team for the last three days. His phone has been turned off and he will not answer my calls nor e-mails. I am not the only one with this problem as the rest of the team and COL N has also not been able to get ahold of him, nor has MAJ B in X-XX AR.
When he was approached by 1SG D today about getting together to sort out any problems he responded by saying 'It's done my way, and if anyone has a problem I'll fire them.'
We had our 'team meeting' today at 10.30 hrs. He began by chewing everyone out for not understanding thier missions. He then reassigned everyone. When I said we didn't need to do that because we have a working plan on hand, he verbally exploded and asked me if I didn't hear him correctly.
At that point I said if you will not listen to my suggestions then you don't need me on the team. He replied that he did not.
I informed him that I would request for transfer. I do not believe that I can work with MAJ C, and if forced to remain under his command will not be treated fairly.
I have been told he is shacking up with someone on the other side, but that is none of my concerns until it effects the team. It has become commond knowledge in the team that he's never to be found at night after 1800. Twice now he has not been available for dicisions at night, and a note in his door had remained from 2120 until 0800 when he walked back into the ALAMO. His excuse to me was that he’d left early to do PT.
He has missed a mission and we had to scrap together a crew from HHC to cover him when he was not available the night before and did not return to the ALAMO until 0800.
His actions outside the wire are not tactically sound and I have ended up leading the team for both the missions he commanded. I have no respect for him either as an officer nor as a leader.
I can not continue to work in 2nd MECH BN and humbly request my move to anywhere else with in the Brigade.
I am sorry for this. I was hoping we could work it out, but after todays meeting it is clear that he doesn't want to.

CPT Dutch


At 10:05 PM, Blogger Radiant Byrne said...

"When you argue with a fool, chances are he is doing just the same."

Glad you are getting away from that situation. You still cannot spell. :-)


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