Saturday, April 09, 2005

Time Flies when you are having fun?

Almost a month has gone by since I last posted. It doesn't sem that long, though. I guess time does fly- thanks Einstin.

Things have changed here as well. 3rd Infantry Division has taken over from 1st Cavalry Division. It's like the war has changed and it feels like we are back in Bosnia in the late 80s.

The first thing they've done is insist that we advisors become part of the 3ID, and they have Artilce 5 authority over us. Well...I'm not too sure this is a good idea. For one thing if the guys I am suppost to be working with are now the guys I am working for, that US commander can fire me at will, or move me to another position with-in his unit and put one of his guys here. Also, that US Brigade Commander would now write my 'report card'. Since I am a...rental...who's he gonna give the shitty OER rating too? His guys?

Some other changes around here, although some are not changes but I just found out about them. Our Higher Headquarters, CMATT, has continued to isolate themselves from reality and us from them. They have their own compound on the base, protected by triple strain wire, Hesco barriers, and private contract guards (using CMATT Money, btw). On their 'firebase' they have their own contract messhall- which we are not allowed to use, their own contract laundary service- which we are not allowed to use.

The four National Guard COLs (the Evil Bunny Division) in charge have never left the wire, nor will they. They have all the money and supplies they need- we must beg and borrow from our US cousins across the wire. All this- and they are our higher headquarters and they are here to supposrt us.

On the good side, the enemy has floundered in the last few months. IEDs and attacks are down across sector. Yesterdays big protest was peaceful. Life is pretty good here in the Cav Cafe.

We've run 14 missions since I last posted and have had contact in only three.

Time flies.


At 3:40 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Glad to see you're still in one piece (each!) We're still working on the package BTW

At 7:04 PM, Blogger stan315sow said...

I find your comments about the war confusing, but not surprising. I had conflicting feelings about Vietnam when I was there, and a third of a century later, I still don't have it completely sorted out.
Like LBJ, Bush will not pull out of this war, so the US will stay in Iraq as long as he is president. I know you can only feel the part of the elephant you have ahold of (I suspect it's the tail.), but I'd like to know which ethnic group you are working with and how they feel all this is going to turn out.
Stay safe, we need our blue hat to supervise the ditch.


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