Thursday, February 17, 2005

36 Hours

We've finally got a flight. The Air Force is going to let us bum a ride on one of their planes. We are 36 hours out and counting.

What to do in those last 36 hours? I caught myself thinking about the Tom Hanks Movie, 'The Green Mile', and what goes through your mind when you have a deadline facing you (no pun intended here).

I figure I will try to sleep about eight hours tonight. Try is the key word as your mind is running a hundred miles an hour trying to think if you have completed everything you need to. I was awake most of last night going through my packing list again...obsessive, ain't I...and thinking about load plans for vehicles once we hit the ground, our move to our base, contingency plans, evac plans, medical needs, ect ect ect.

My oldest son has a soccer game tonight so there is two hours, I have to go in and close out my hand reciepts for Battalion Property, four hours.

Fourteen Hours gone before I even really do anything...

Army stuff that I must do:

At 1230 tomorrow we have to drop our bags off with the Air Force. At 1430 draw weapons from the arms room. At 1830 go to the manifest site. Wheels up at 2250.

So really it's only 28 hours remaining. Fourteen hours acounted for. Fourteen hours free...

I have to clean out the Garage. I have to pack up my office at home. I figure five hours- you haven't seen the mess I have made in that last two months.

Nine hours.

What would you do if you only had nine hours left?


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