Sunday, January 09, 2005

1st post- 9 JAN 2005

Some 20 years ago I joined the Army thinking that I wanted to get away from home. I thought I would retire this summer but things don't aways go the way you think. It's no big deal, however, this is what I am good at- and the only thing I ever wanted to do.

I recieved word from my commander via my cell phone I would be going to Iraq on 17 Dec, 2004. We would be part of a small team of advisers going in to help train the Iraqi Army. I still don't know anything other than this.

The mission makes sense to me. Our (the US, that is) best exit plan is to train up the Iraqis and let them run their country. Our team is part of this plan. My ten-man team is part of a larger effort, of course. There are ways I would complete this plan that is , I am sure, different than those that will be told to me. After 20 years in the Army I acknowledge this simple reality.

I am fortunate that the five people from my unit who are going are all good guys. We have two others from brigade- both of which are not up to my standard, but they are a personnel guy and a supply guy. What did Rumsfeld say? Something about the Army you want vs. the Army you have? Oh well.

We started our train-up last week (3 Jan 2005) and so far nothing has gone according to plan. We are hurting on equipment---well...let me re-phrase that; We are hurting on equipment I would take into country. We have plenty of TA-50 and the like. No complaints about body armor or any of that nonsense.

Weapons seem to be an issue that my commander would rather not discuss. But he is a rather bookish-type, more concerned with if his lap-top works and not if he has a rifle or not. It may be a long year.

I will try to keep this blog updated as we continue to prep for movement- and as we continue our mission in Iraq. But for is late and I am headed home to the wife and kids.


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