Saturday, February 12, 2005

I wonder if 5 June 1944 was like this?

Still waiting to fly.

We are ready to go, all our bags are packed and we are just waiting…waiting…waiting.

Some of the team has taken leave to visit their families. I have taken a couple days off to spend time with mine. Soccer season has just started here all of the boys are playing. The wife’s coaching again this season, and like always she is stressed about it, work, cub/boy scouts, etc. etc. etc.

I am tired of sitting here waiting to go. I want to get on with it.

You read about the soldiers who have fought in all the previous wars sitting and waiting and it driving them crazy. It’s true. It sucks just waiting here.

I’m going over my packing yet one more time, making sure I have all the crap I think I need. No way this is like WWII, we’re not going up against the heavily defended beaches of Normandy. We’re just going to Iraq to advise their Army.

Bomb blast hit another Iraqi Army/Police group again today. I’m checking my load-out again making sure everything works/fits.

1. Kevlar with ESS goggles, PVS mount, cover and headband.
2. Intruder Body Armor with plates, with:

a. SPEC-Ops M4 6 mag pouch
b. SPEC-Ops SAW bag
c. Radio pouch
d. M9 2 mag pouch
e. 2 1 qt. Canteens with covers.
f. first aid pouch
3. Pistol belt with:
a. SPEC-Ops drop holster for my M9
b. 2M9 2 mag pouch
c. K-Bar
4. Mod’ed DCUs
5. Wellco desert boots
6. Knee pads
7. 3 Day assault pack with Camel-back with:

a. GPS
b. Combat Lifesaver Bag
c. Binos
d. 6 M4 mags
e. 2 MREs
f. gloves
g. Map, pens, pencils, other junk.

and weapons…M4 and M9.

In addition, 2 duffle bags, 1 MOLLI Pack, and one footlocker with all my snivel gear.

We got our Team's guidon today. maybe it will show up in a pic in a later post.

Waiting for the green light...


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