Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Doha hasn't changed much...

Four years since I was last here I am sitting in Camp Doha, Kuwiat.

Our team arrives a few days ago and are waiting to fly north into Iraq to start our mission. We've recieved a few items here but are still the black sheep of the CMATT-I. Since we are a small team we are not getting anything simply because we don't have the Field grade balls to make it happen.

Hood's answer to many of our questions was- You will get it in country (which most of us old habd knew was smoke being blown up a fourth point of contact). Doha's answer to our questions is- You're Brigade should have given it to you before you left.

Bottom line: We are on our own.

I am using the post library omputers to update today because we don't have any way to jack in , otherwise.

We are living in ware-houses, although we have bunks instead of cots. The showers are in trailers still, and the food is plenty if not good. The PX is bigger than four years ago- but the prices are the same you'd pay in the states.

Got to e-mail the wife and kids before I updated you all, priorities and all that. Sent off a letter as well.

Doha is the crossroads of the Army right now. If you don't meet someone you know here in a week- you just don't get out much. I met a guy I went to OCS with in 1993. SFC B meet his uncle. SSG A met his old gunner, and so on.

Odd as it sounds, looking forward to leaving here and getting up north.

We used to joke and say Doha was the prison camp with all the guards on the inside. You'd have to be here to understand.

Talk to you all again soon.



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