Saturday, September 17, 2005

The realities of the Army

Well…I didn’t expect anything different, really. The Army is the Army and will always remain the tool of those who play the game.

I have been removed from my position as team executive officer with the battalion I was fortunate to be with from the very start. The Team Chief is a young Major with a future; I am but an old Captain without one. He wanted a yes man to agree with his every decision and I can’t do that. So, I am gone.

I have been moved into a new team overseeing the train-up of the Brigade’s Engineer Company, Transportation Company, and the Brigade Recon Company. My new boss is a Transportation Major who hasn’t been outside the wire in the seven months he’s been here. Could have been worse, I suppose. I could have been made the TOC Battle Captain.

All this bullshit has made me so tired of it all. It’s the same crap every time. Some petty little know-it-all can’t stand to have anyone around him who has more experience and so I get to go find another job while this shit-head ruins what took me and the rest of the team four months building.

I’m tired and depressed of all this political crap.

US Grant took to drinking when he was assigned to California after the Mexican war. Of course alcohol is banned in this country.

On the plus side I got to talk to my wife this morning via the internet and web-cam. We also had the phone thing going, but the connections were pretty slow. The web-cam is cool, however. Yes, it is still pretty slow frame rate, but damn, I got to see the boys and the wife almost live.

What the future will bring us I wonder. How can I go back to being just me after all this? I’m not even sure what I was like before and I can not remember anything other than snapshots of me prior to coming here. It is all so strange now, thinking back to the world.

We got our sat TV working last night and this morning we were watching some entertainment show. How can people be so stupid as to watch that drivel? Are we as Americans so deluded and vain as to think that crap is important? Emmys and Oscars. It will be a political stage with a message that we are loosing, we are the Bad Guys, bring our soldiers home.

Yes, bring us home to clean up the corruption and ignorance the left spews out. Make our people proud of their country once more.

But- it won’t be like that. We’d come home to disarm, bury our heads in the sand and wail and point figures when we slip into non-existence.

Rome fell not because she was defeated. She fell because nobody cared anymore.


At 11:34 AM, Blogger LiteraryAlchemist said...

WC's pullin' for ya man! Just remember that you're Sam and no matter what, there's always sheep to watch over. Be safe and vigilant, there are those not arguing with you who appreciate your hard work and dedication.


At 3:56 PM, Blogger shakman said...

Dutch, no matter what kinda crap you deal with "over there", just know that you have friends back home who are thinking about you and appreciate what you are doing....regardless of who your CO is!


At 10:16 PM, Blogger Em said...




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