Monday, February 22, 2010

English Civil War League

The Gamer's Haven (local game store) has had it's first meeting of the ECW League. All four parties were represented with myself as the Convenanters. The ground rules were adopted with a buy in of 1000 point armies (using Warhammer ECW rules). My Scot's are still work in progress with two complete foot regiemnts, one frame gun, and one squadron of lancers. Commanded by my Colonel General I still need to aquire one more foot regiment to round out the points.
Our first scheduled battle will be next weekend with my Scots moving south to Newburn and an English Royalist army nothing north. Seen below are my Lancers and the Colonel General, Sir Davie McAuley. These lancers are Warlord games Royalist Cavalry, with bonnets and some plaids added with green stuff, and lances of styrene. This is my first work with green stuff and I like it. Hopefully I will get better at it as I continue to modify my troops. Seen behind the lancers is a Squadron of Royalist Horse, either to add to my army or to work as Scot's Roayalist Horse (boy No. 1 wats to do Scot's Royalists. He likes kilts...)
A closer look at one of the lancers, see wearing a plaid. Pretty simple conversion.

The cornet of the Second Squadron. The color is speculative, but based on the MacAuley coat of arms. Fairly typical of the period.

Below is the second regiment of foot I am working on, the Aberdeen Militia. Straight out of the Warlord's games box, primed grey with the color party and a few figures complete. They will rank as raw troops.

I will start posting more pics once we get into the games and as I complete work on the army.


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