Friday, February 12, 2010

The Convenanters

The first regiment is complete. They are Sir Mungo Campbell of Lawers' regiment of 32 figures, approx 400 men.

Here they are, coming out of the sun (apparently hidden prior by a large wooden chair?).

The entire army consists of two regiments of foot, one battalion of highland shot, and one battalion of commanded shot- to be used as the Forlorn Hope. The artillery has one saker gun and one frame gun, both in the process of being painted.The second foot regiment is put together and awaits priming before I paint them. They will be the Lord Chancellor's Regiment.

The rest of the proposed army will consist of two more regiments in the First Brigade- the Earl of Finlater's and the Earl of Lothian's regiments.

The Cavalry will conists of three units, Halkett's, Drummond's, and Campbell's troops.

So far I can field the army using stand ins, mostly GW's Empire troops. This gives me four infantry regiments, a detachment of highlanders, one lochbar axe detachment, and two troops of cavalry.

You can see here the army set up in a checkerboard formation, very common for the period. The skirmish troops of the forlorn hope are out front, cannon in the rear, and cavalry on the flanks.

The highland levies.

Well, more painting to be done...updates soon on our beginning Campaign.


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