Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Was the week before Christmas...

Almost Christmas time again! I've been busy at work and at home doing all sorts of stuff. Next year I will be even more busy.

On the workdesk/painting table are at least three different projects in three different scales. First up is the ongoing 25mm Napoleonic armies. I am working on the British Highland Brigade at the moment, with the 42nd Black Watch, the 71st Highland Light, 79th Camerons, and the 92nd Gordons. Each of these are based on six 45mm by 40 mm stands for 36 figures per battalion. The rules are In The Grand Manner. This will bring the British up to nine full battalions of infantry.

Second is an Army originally for DBM but can be used fo Fields of Glory or Warhammer historicals. They are 15mm European Crusaders. I am painting up 24 stands of Heavy cavalry, three figures per stand. There are four stands of Templars, four stands of Hospitallers, and the rest are Knights and Sergeants. Also included are six stands of light horse, and a bunch of dismounted knights, sergenats and cross-bows. This is the army of Richard I.

Third up is the 10mm French Napoleonics. I have two Chasseur regiments completed, three Infantry Brigades done, and one heavy 12lb arty battery and four 8 lbs batteries based, but not painted. Also there are three baggage wagons and six artillery limbers, three more brigades of infantry and four more cavalry regiments to go. Theya re representing Davout's III Corps in Russia.

I shall try to put up a picture soon.


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