Saturday, February 27, 2010

Scots on the March!

The Scots army is slowly growing. The three infantry regiments are put together, primed, and one is complete with sixteen pike and twenty-four shot. The other two regiments are a bit larger at 40 figures each.. The Highland Shot is complete with 20 figures, and the lancers are put together, primed, andfour are complete. The frame gun is finished, and the saker gun is painted, but the crew needs finished.
The first four figures of the Lancers, the MacAuley Horse, painted. You can see the plaid worn around the lancer on the left. It is a simplifcation of the modern MacAuley tartan. The MacAuley clan was from the western lands in Scotland, and were a sept of the MacLeodclan.

The other side of the lancers. The bonnets and lances are conversions using green stuff and a bit of styrene pole.

The Scots army, positioned on the Campaign Map of Scotland. This map is two feet by three feet in size. The map of England and Wales is also this size, and will allow the entire war to be fought.
I hope to get pictures tomorrow of our first game.


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