Thursday, April 01, 2010

Emperor's Children WIP

I am working on an Army for Warhammer 40K based on the books The Horus Heresy. This army is the 3rd Legion, or the Emperor's Children. The rules for this game state to have a playable army you must have one Headquarters group and two Troop choices. I have also chosen to enclude an Elite group choice, a squad ten Terminators.
Seen below is the progress to date. These miniatures come from the game Space Hulk. I need to complete the bases on all. The two troop choices are Space Marine Squads of one Sergeant and nine Marines. Seen here are the first squad. The second is the same make-up. Included in the squad is a plasma gun and a flamethrower.
The Company Commander, Capt. Sharpe (or whatever). By the background information found in the rulebooks, the Companies consist of ten squads or ten Marines, a Capt., a Chaplain, a Standard Bearer, and a Apothecary.
See here is the command group. The three three extra figures are from various armies, but are on their way to joining the 3rd Legion.

The whole army as currently planned. HQs, two Troops, and one elite. There is much work to do.

Much painting awaits!


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