Sunday, July 11, 2010

Napoleon's Briefing.

First up is a Perry Dragoon General of Brigade. This is a kitbash of a Hussar horse, a dragoon body, an Infantry officer head, and a little green stuff...

I've added with green stuff a left epelet, a sash, and in the back, a catridge box. I think it looks pretty good and he'll be my Dragoon Brigade commander.

I am continueing to paint the Foundary set of napoleon and his staff. You can see the Imperial Aide de Camp officer in light blue behind the Chassuer of the Guard figure.
Ney and Beirtheier argue about which resteraunt to go to.

Ney (the red headed dude) poins out a wine stain on the Emperor's greatcoat. Nappy is not amused.

The guy with the green sachel is an orderly.
I've still have four more figures to finish before this is done. I can't wait to show you the finished results.


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