Sunday, July 11, 2010

Napoleon's Updates

The Light Battalion is complete. Here the elite company of the 5th Light is painted, based and flocked. I can see from the foto I need to flesh wash the faces.

Perry miniatures painted up as a Conscript Gernadier company. Again, fleah washing needs to be done. This will be the last of the battalions for the 2nd Division.

Perry miniatures painted as a Light Battalion. I am using a wash technique with this unit, and the blue is a much lighter shade. I think it works and looks more like a veteran unit in sun faded uniforms.

The command group of the 5th Light Battalion. It's one of the few in which I've added a mounted commander to the battalion stand.

A second veiw of the command stand. There are onlyfive figures on the stand. Six- if you count the horse.


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