Thursday, July 01, 2010

Updates on French Napoleonics

As you can see from my last post my 28mm French napoleonic army was a bit light on Cavalry and artillery. I've fixed the cavalry part with a box of Perry Hussars and a box of Perry Dragoons. I'll still need one more box of Heavy cav, but the Horse are complete for now. Using the art from the box and the fantastic site I've linked before you can see the second regiment of Hussars will be the 7th.

I already have the 16th Dragoons painted. I'll start on the second regiment using the Perry box set. I'm not sure which unit I'll focus on.

I also worked a bit on the Foundry Napoleon set, finishing off the escort and Imperial orderly. I've re-based the set on a styrene base- much sturdier than the balsawood it was one.


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