Monday, June 28, 2010

Napoleon's Army in 28mm

When I first started playing Napoleonics back in the mid-80s I had three battalions of Peter Guilder French Infantry. I still have one battalion. Above is Foundary's Napoleon venette with the Emperor and various others. It is a great peice and I really need to finish it!

Hobgoblins the cat checks out the Dragoons and Hussars. These two groups are almost complete, but they need another 12 figures each to round out the unit. In Black Powder rules most cavalry brigades are 24 figures. In the background are the first 14 Heavy Cav.

The first division. The first battalion is the light battalion from Elite Miniatures. The second battalion is Old Glory, the third is Peter Guilder, the last is Victrix.

The second division. These are 1815 figures, with four battalions of Perry's and one of Front Rank. In fact- one of the Perry Battalions has Front Rank figures in it. The rest of the light battalion is at the painting desk awaiting completion. The last battalion will be Marie Loiuses- raw conscript troops in greatcoats. The division commander is Elite Figures.

The entire army so far. The third division will be foriegn troops, with the one finished unit being Bavarians. The rest will be a mix of Wurtenburgers and Baden troops.

The total army size will be fifteen battalions (36 figures each) or infantry, two foot batteries, one horse battery, and three brigades of cavalry (one heavy, one dragoon, and one hussar/light).


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