Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The French Army

Completed to date:

The Division Commander recieves a report from a Dragoon officer.

The figures are Elite miniatures for the Div Commander and Aide, and Perry's Dragoons kit bash.

The First Brigade is now completed save for flocking a couple of bases. This unit has five battalions, one light and four line. The bulk of the figures are Perry's plastic French Infantry, with one battalion being a Front Rank unit. The Brigade Commander is an Epic miniature.

The Second Brigade is still in progress. The first four battalions are complete, although the Bavarian battalion will be part of the Third (foreign) Brigade. I still have two more units to paint for this brigade to be complete. The Commander is again an Elite Miniature.

The Foot Guns. I just recieved a pack of French Artillerymen...in Egypt. Once I get the right figures the guns will be complete. The figures are a mix of Elite, Connessiur, and Old Glory.

The Cavalry Brigades still ahve alot of work to go. There are two units of Hussars and Dragoons, each with a Brigade Commander. Once the infantry is complete, these guys are my priority.

The Heavy Cavalry Brigade and Horse Artillery. They will have another battery when complete and at least one more Heavy Cav unit.

So far I am very pleased.


At 8:46 PM, Blogger Michael Hewson said...

This looks great what squad are your dragoons representing?


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