Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Black Powder, LaSalle, and Napoleon.

We are getting closer to our Campaign game of the Napoleonic wars. I have been working on both a French and British army using Black Powder as our rules. I have a copy of Foundry's Napoleon rules as well as Sam's LaSalle.

Our group has chosen to use Black Powder. The units are smaller, 24 figures per battalion, and are based similar to my armies ( based per In The Grand Manner). I am finishing up the last two battalions of French for the second division containing five battalions of 36 figures. Four battalions are Perry's Plastics, and one is Front Rank metal figures.

The first division is a mix of Old Glory, Elites, Victrix, and Connessuer figures.

I have finally started an Old Guard Division using the Victrix plastic figures. The box contains 60 miniatures making two battalions of 30 figures. I will paint them up at the fisrt Regiment of the Guard Grenadiers.

I have modified three extra figures from the Victrix French infantry box to make up for a shortage of figures. Although the Old Guard box has 60 figures, you get four standard bearers, four officers in the same pose, and four drummers. I've converted one regular infantry figure as a sapper, added a regular infantry officer and a drummer.

When completed the OG division will have two battalions of Grenadiers and two of Chassuers of the Guard.


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