Friday, September 17, 2010

Fielding the Black Powder Army

So...trying to field an army given a set of rules is a pain in the ass. Black Powder makes it even more so by not really telling you what the units stats should be, or anything about their organization. That is because the rules are for a WIDE range of time, and by creating a detailed 'Army Builder' list, a la LaSalle, they would have to publish another 200 pages. have to make it up yourself. Which is fine, but annoying.

OK. So I got a bunch of French painted up and now I am going to build an Army for this coming Sunday's game. we go:

Going historical, I am going to pick the 3rd Division of the French 1st Corps at Waterloo.

The 3rd Division was commander by Division General Baron Pierre Louis Benet de Marrognet. woah...what a freakin mouthful. I'll have to work the Staff reatings, agression, decisiveness and Independance ratings out when I figure what the fuck they are.

The 1st Brigade was commanded by Brigade General Antonine Nogue. The Brigade had two regiments of two battalions each from the 21st and 46th Line. The 21ere Ligne was the unit I used to reenact a billion years ago. All four battalions would field about 24 figures in 1:20 scale.

The 2nd Brigade was commanded by Brigade General Jean George Grenier. This brigade also had four battalions in two regiments, the 25th and 43rd Line. All four would field 24 figures.

(note- 1st Corps didn't all arrive at Waterloo so it is a little short handed, but easy to field in miniatures...that and the fact the 21ere is in it makes me want to field it)

The Artillery was commanded by Captain Jean-Louis Emon and feilded 6 guns.

The Cavalry Brigade was commanded by BG Adrien Francois Bruno and had six squadrons, three from the 7th Hussars and three from the 3rd Chassuer de Chaval. Each of these would field 24 figures on the table, in two units of twelve.

So, that's the plan right now. Eight battalions of infantry, four Squadrons of cavalry, and one battery of guns.

I'll post the pictures from Sunday's game either Sunday night or Monday.

Have a good one!

" that a Starbucks over there?"


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