Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Return of the Dutch!

I'm Back!

So, after a long vacation of three plus years I am back doing what I enjoy the most- building, painting and wargaming.

I have retired from the military, divorced, moved, changed jobs, bought a house, had a girlfriend, lost her, Have a new one, and am pretty damned happy.

I have built a new wargames table (8 foot by 4 foot, bar height with storage below) and started building new terrain for the various game. Above pictured is the first house in 28 made from MDF and foam board. I like it alot. Shown with it are my Imperial Guard troops from Warhammer 40K.

Having all this now means I am slowing unboxing my minis that have sat for three years in the basement and I am starting to paint again. A bit of delay occurred when my basement half flooded but fortunately no books or minis were damaged. The basement should be back to usable in a week or so.

I am very excited because I found another Napoleonics player fairly close (only 170 miles away). SO... very soon the little French and British guys will be out and on the table. I am not even sure what I have left to do and what I still need to get!

That will come. Things are looking good! talk to you all soon.


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