Monday, August 01, 2016

The LARP on the Borderlands

The LARP on the Borderlands
Concept: High Fantasy LARP using Home grown Live Action Role Play rules and conventions based in Western Nebraska and covering the borderlands of Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska.
* Why do the characters/players come to LotB?
* World we live in? (a concept)
-In a mix of LotR, Dungeon & Dragons and Warhammer. The wilds of Rohan are the closest idea. Grasslands with mountains bordering and a bunch of really big and bad orcs. The people (human) are mostly a mix of viking, celt, and anglo-saxon type history (think Tolkien). The Mountains are full of Dwarves and Elves and evil races fighting for land and gold. Hidden are the older races of shape shifters and 'First Peoples' Magic is rare.
"It is the third age of Man. Darkness grows in the south and the remains of ancient kingdoms continue to survive after decades of relative quietness. Stories filter in from the north of a growing evil as orcs, trolls, and evil men attack distant outposts. Rangers are seen again in the Northern hills as from the stories of old. From the great southern kingdoms there is silence. Only rumors of war make their way north with the few caravans who still travel this far north."
"Points of light in the darkness..."
* What is LotB?
Story driven adventures- think old school D&D where the how was almost more important than the why.
Contact fighting- lightest touch agreed upon by players- using realistic looking LARP latex, foam, plastic-dipped weapons.
Want bows. Real bows. 20lbs(?) max with poofy heads. (obviously)
(Mostly) full immersion role play- costuming is to be high standard. Minimum allowed is tunic, trousers, belt, hood, cloak and boots. (think mid-13th century Europe as baseline) In house "clothes" department for custom and 'off the rack' in game purchase. Links to craftsmen for out of game purchase.
Armor representation is to be 'like' minimum. (i.e. It looks like plate armor from 5 feet away)


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